Super Show 3 in Vietnam

It was only 2 weeks left for the last performance of Super Show 3 and we are very pleased to welcome ELF from all over the world come to Vietnam and join with us.
Super Junior’s absolutely looking forward to see our family. Not only Vietnamese ELF but also the whole ELF community will be there - at the last destination of Super Show 3 for accomplishing the fantastic and successful tour. Vietnamese ELF have tried best to guide and support all the fans to take part in the stunning show by leave out best posts on forum and fan-site. But there still has a serious and urgent problem that is we couldn’t fill out all the vacancies of the near-staged place. And we’re now hoping that worldwide ELF community would be pleased to give a hand to help us make this show unforgettable!
As you knew, Super Show always has some special-stage at the last destination for ending the long and grateful show. Therefore, Super Show 3 in Viet Nam is promised to give ELF an incredible music party. Besides that, by ending the Asian Tour with a successful show, Super Junior would definitely be motivated to create the new and expected Super Show 4. Like the other ELF all over the world, Vietnamese ELF wouldn’t want to let Super Junior down cause the incomplete sapphire blue sea.

If you are still concerning about the cost for joining both Super Show 3 and Super Show 4, don’t worry! Because after the Super Show 3, Super Junior will release their fifth album and Super Show 4 may be late a bit - at the end of this year. There for, all the fans still have a lot of time to save up to join in Super Show 4.
Vietnamese ELF believe that our worldwide ELF community will join together to make the last performance of Super Show 3 successful as the desired of Super Junior and all ELF.
Now, Super Show 3 in Vietnam has online ticketing system for all the fans at http://supershow3vn.ticketcharge.com.my/ .

The organizer will support the shuttle bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Go Dau Stadium for your convenience of transportation. All information, please visit the official website of the Super Show 3 in Vietnam http://supershow3vn.com/ .
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